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Mentat & Alpaca = DevOps Brick & Mortar


Alpaca hooks directly into your existing DevOps pipelines to provide greater visibility into provisioning, configuration, and deployments.

Enterprise DevOps

DevOps enables enterprises to transform their people, process, and technology in order to adapt to the rapidly changing business-technology landscape.

Serverless Compute

AWS Lambda, Azure Functions and Google Functions allow organizations to re-imagine applications in a cloud-first world.

Docker & Containers

Containers guarantee standardization across disparate environments. Mentat specializes in the containerization of applications, as well as the construction of automated build release container pipelines.


Alpaca provides the DevOps glue for the modern world of automation. Bring your own provisioning, configuration and deployment tools to Alpaca and start delivering value faster.

  • Connect to multiple cloud platforms Azure/AWS/Google/VMware
  • Bring your provisioning tools Terraform/Azure ARM/AWS Cloud Formation
  • Connect your configuration tools Puppet/Chef/Ansible/SALT
  • Integrate your orchestration tools Jenkins/Octopus
  • Alpaca
  • Alpaca Search & Tag

    Actionable insights into your automation pipelines.

    • Real-time visualizations of your automated environments
    • Enterprise search of all resources on-prem and in the cloud
    • Tag your environments and builds and gain additional insights
    • Track cloud costs and vCPU and RAM together
  • Alpaca Search & Tag
  • Alpaca Pipelines

    Connect, integrate and visualize your suite of automation tools with Alpaca Pipelines. DevOps should be easy. You should be able to bring your provisioning tools. You should be able to bring your configuration tools. You should be using Alpaca.

    • Build your DevOps pipelines from Alpaca
    • Stay in one tool to view the status of your builds
    • Access the Alpaca API to perform CRUD operations on your environment
  • Alpaca Pipelines
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